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Dear Shamsi,

It took a while before I could dare relate Yousi with death. But it seems it is true. Amongst all this, my only hope is the strength I always find in you.

I want you to know (although you know) that Yousi’s legacy is not his architectural works. Yousi’s impact on people around him far outweighs his genius in architecture.

Many people loved Yousi dearly. Everybody gained from a relationship with Yousi: One would learn how to tolerate opposing views while another would realize the high stance of art in our daily lives. One other would discover it was possible not to hate. Somebody else would notice it was impossible to live without love. Every individual who got to know Yousi gained from that relationship. It is fortunate that people who didn’t know him benefited from his existence as well: That sets apart the eminent from the rest.

If there is room for sorrow, it is only because we miss him, otherwise there is no room to feel sad when it comes to Yousi’s life. It would be a source of envy but no sorrow! A life soaring with colour, love, intensity, accomplishments and full of appreciation for everything that man and nature have to offer; only to create some more. Yousi’s life is a source of envy but no sorrow.

It was my good fortune to have both of you in my life. I will love both of you forevermore.