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Yousef Shariatzadeh was born in Tabriz, Iran in 1930.

In 1963, he graduated from the Tehran University, Faculty of Fine Arts and after a lifetime devoted to incessant work, effort, study and research passed away in November 2001.

His inspirational works known amongst all the civil engineers, architects and all those involved in constructional affairs of Iran, have made him one of the most renowned figures in Iran's contemporary architecture.

Shariatzadeh in creating his works never copied architectural techniques, and the plans and dimensions of his architectural designs were formed on the basis of his studies, research and precise recognition of the space demands. As he once stated; "I'm not a shape designer, I'm a shape finder."

The very beautiful architectural characteristics seen in his works is the outcome of this very way of thinking and no movement/stroke used in the spaces of his works can be observed without pursuing the factors that had shaped them.

The outcome and product of 40 years of continuous work and his particular architectural thinking can be clearly witnessed in his last work; the design of the Iran National Library which is under construction and implementation by his colleagues.

The outside and inside dimensions in the vast and numerous spaces in this design which is formed influenced by factors such as functions, details, standard, interactions and the required standards, natural light and the human scale with the most rational executive costs impresses and fascinates every architect observer and is an indication of his rare skill, taste, art and mastery.

Yousef Shariatzadeh was honourable, humble, compassionate, peaceful and a free human being, in love with mankind and fascinated by books, literature, art and music.

Yadollah Razzagi